The car is more than I ever expected. You went above and beyond for me!! It's beautiful & drives so very nice..I couldn't be happier!! Thank you for all you put into this to make this happen for me. Thank goodness for Bankruptcydrive.com , or I I'd be a walking fool..


I just want to take the time to tell you thanks for all you've done. You have giving us the chance to rebuild what we lost control of. I believe if more salesmen were like you the buying a car would be much better. Have a great day. Thanks again!

- James and Donna

Just wanted to make sure that it got passed onto you. I am very pleased with my vehicle and impressed with Bankruptcydrive.com! I was leery about the whole buy it without seeing it, or driving it, but I felt I could trust you guys and took the plunge! Thank you all so much for your help! Very satisfied customer.

- Patricia

I am VERY happy with car.. you’ve helped me out so much that I can’t thank you enough. .. have a awesome weekend my friend!

- Amanda


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